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About The School


School Mission

WGE will provide a world- class education for all students, from Headstart through fifth grade. The WGE staff serves students by innovating and collaborating with colleagues, parents, other schools and community partners. Together, as a team, we prepare students to live, work and thrive in a 21st century.


School Vision

Our vision is to work collaboratively to empower students to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, as WGE is a community of 21st Century Learners.


Winter Gardens Elementary

Winter Gardens Elementary (WGE) is an urban school located five miles east of the Los Angeles Civic Center in the unincorporated section of East Los Angeles.  Most of the students live within walking distance of the school, with the exception of 60 students who are bused from Simmons Avenue.

The school provides service to 578 students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade on a modified traditional year calendar. The student population is predominately Hispanic.  We are a Provision 2 School, in which all students qualify for a free lunch. There is a Head Start program and an Adult
Education program on site.

The staff, parents and community members at Winter Gardens are dedicated to preparing, motivating, and holding students accountable and
responsible for their own learning.

The school community is also dedicated to providing our students a safe and secure learning environment.  It is our belief that we can accomplish this
by working collaboratively and implementing the 40 Developmental Assets, the Olweus program and the W.G.E. Social Character Values.

Behavioral Expectations

All students at WGE will follow four school wide expectations in the following locations:



  Walkways/Stairways Cafeteria Restrooms Playgrounds Classroom

*Travel in a quiet voice

*Listen to all staff members


*Follow adult directions

*Use good manners


*Respect other's privacy

*Use quiet voices


*Share equipment

*Follow Adult directions

*Take turns



post class 









*Keep your hands, feet and all object to yourself






*Pay attentions to the line movement

*Clean up your space

*Pick up trash


*Leave a clean environment

*Remember your purpose

*Turn off water


*Use encouraging words

*Report unsafe choices to adults









*single file line/Stay to the right

*Be aware of doors and painted lines



*Respect personal space

*Keep hands, feet and food to self



*Wash hands

*Leave promptly




*Play carefully

*Stay within recess area

*Use play equipment appropriately





*Use magic words

(Be careful, excuse me, etc. )


*Use magic words

(Please, thank you, etc. )

*Be patient




*Be cooperative

*Include others




Pinky's Rewards

Once students receive 5 pinky rewards they can go to the office (during recess & lunch recess) to redeem their tickets and they will able to get something from the "Treasure Box"

Pinky's Reward.jpg